Which driver is closest to the competition ban?

Some drivers have quite a few penalty points to their name, which puts them at risk of being banned from racing if they encounter a few more incidents. The Formula 1 penalty point system is designed to control drivers’ behavior, much like a regular road user tries to avoid getting a driver’s license score. In … Read more

F1 2022, Daniel Ricciardo, Oscar Piastri, Fernando Alonso, Alpine, McLaren, Williams, driver market, contracts, silly season

How many drivers will Australia have on the Formula 1 circuit next season? As it stands, the number ranges from being depressing to no two enthusiasts, but neither Daniel Ricciardo nor Oscar Piastri can decide the final number on their own. There is an important third player in this field: Fernando Alonso. Watch every practice, … Read more

F1 2022, Ferrari, Mattia Binotto, Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz, British Grand Prix, Ross Brawn, FIA, regulations, rules

Ferrari is one of the great curiosities of Formula One. The biggest and oldest team in motorsport, its history is either dominance or mediocrity, with the line between dangerously fine. We are still waiting to see which side of the accounts it falls in 2022. One of Ferrari’s most important problems is that it is … Read more