The timeless attraction of professional golfers is ruined by money | Golf news and travel information

Take-take-take-take-take-take-take-take-take. Also: more-more-more-more-more. Everywhere you look these days in professional golf there is a lot going on, along with the demand for more. That’s not good for business. LIV Golf Tournament Series – Greg Norman Directs; the notorious MBS that is hiding – is taking various names of players from the PGA Tour. The players … Read more

Saudi Arabia-backed LIV golf tournament series faces protests on September 11 as the first tournament begins on US soil

CNN – The Saudi-backed LIV Golf Invitational Series arrived in Oregon for the first US-based tournament on Thursday and faced protests from 9/11 against survivors and families of victims who criticized golfers for working with Saudi Arabia, which they say they were complicit in the 2001 terrorist attacks. “Saudi Arabia is trying to sportswash its … Read more