Tribute to a friend on the way to the Barracuda Championship | Golf news and travel information

TRUCKEEE, California – Mark Baldwin is 38. He is married and has a 2 year old son. Status could be the most important word in professional golf. Well, Mark has none. He has performed professionally around the world – in Japan, Korea, China, Canada, Australia and most places in between. And now we’re back to … Read more

The timeless attraction of professional golfers is ruined by money | Golf news and travel information

Take-take-take-take-take-take-take-take-take. Also: more-more-more-more-more. Everywhere you look these days in professional golf there is a lot going on, along with the demand for more. That’s not good for business. LIV Golf Tournament Series – Greg Norman Directs; the notorious MBS that is hiding – is taking various names of players from the PGA Tour. The players … Read more

Insights into how money works at LIV Golf | Golf news and travel information

NORTH PLAINS, Ore – LIV Golf is about a lot: distraction, sportswashing, revenge (in Greg Norman’s case) and, uh, golf. But most of all, it’s about cold, hard money. As with many other issues surrounding this journey, the details surrounding all the money are shady. In an effort to be more specific, Fire Pit Collective … Read more